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Advanced Education is one of the cornerstones of Salon Estique’s business philosophy. We believe it is our duty to continue advancing our craft and improving our skills so that we can always deliver quality services that are relevant to our guests’ needs. All stylists at Salon Estique regularly attend advanced education classes and certifications, providing our team with demonstrations, hands-on technical training, and product knowledge taught by reputable Guest Artists and other industry leaders. Our team also travels to advanced training centers nationwide to keep up with the latest trends and most modern techniques. By committing to providing education to our team, we commit both excellence and the highest standards in the industry to our guests.

To that end, we also believe in committing ourselves to the growth and development of the new, burgeoning talent that we employ. We incorporate our time working behind the chair for our guests with training and preparing our stylist assistants for their own future on the floor. As an education-based salon, we give our team of assistants the unique opportunity to be involved in delivering the services we provide, allowing them to grow, develop, and prepare for becoming stylists on the Salon Estique team. Additionally, all of Salon Estique’s new talent go through an intensive, advanced internal training program, giving them an average of at least two years of hairdressing training and experience before going on the Salon floor to serve our guests. We are proud to hold one of the highest employee retention rates in the salon industry because we focus on both the satisfaction and advancement of our team. This commitment to making our team feel important, valued, and trusted is the key to ensuring longevity and dependability, and contributing to the long-term satisfaction of the guests that we serve.