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Hair Color Glaze: Why you should consider getting one!

HAIR GLAZE (20% off In August use promo code BLGLAZE)2014_09_08_13_26_26.png

What exactly does it do? How is it different than hair color? Moreover, why is everyone getting them?

In Phoenix, it is about hair glaze treatments for many reasons which include, color trends, extreme heat, and the sun. Here are some reasons that make a hair glaze something you should consider.

1. A glaze will repair summer damage you have. It repairs your hair and undoes all that damage, so your hair feels a lot better. Glaze will deep condition your hair for ultimate softness and shine.

2. A glaze is not permanent hair color.  The glaze is very acidic does not penetrate the cuticle of the hair and in fact, closes the hair cuticle. The result is a smooth texture that will reflect light and feel much softer.

3. A glaze provides translucent color and intense conditioning. Glaze will enhance any variation of tone that you hair naturally has, allowing for a more subdued shade. If you have gray hair, and you put a gloss on, it will have a very tonal effect as opposed to one solid opaque color. It also makes your hair super shiny and silky.  It will even reduce a little bit of frizz, and overall, your hair feels like you had a conditioning treatment.

4. It can help tone down highlights. Highlights can look brassy or green by the end of summer; we recommend getting a glaze treatment to tone unwanted brassiness or to adjust the color.

5. You do not have to change your natural hair color to get the benefits of a glaze. Try a clear glaze, which is essentially a powerhouse conditioning treatment.

6. It is no-commitment change. A great thing about it is there’s no commitment, and it is going to fade on its own (within six weeks).  Moreover, if you want to change your hair, it does not interfere with any type of chemical service you want to do in the future

7. It is easy to maintain. All you need to do is use sulfate-free professional products that are made for colored hair, and you should be ok.

8. It is on target for fall 2016. This season’s hair trends will be rich tones. If you’re a brunette, go for a rich honey or espresso brown. If you’re a redhead, try a deep copper or auburn. Moreover, if you’re a blonde, opt for "bronde" or dark blonde.

2016 Fall Hair Color Trends